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"I don’t think I am a great son, a great husband, or a brother", Actor Ranbir Kapoor opens up on his relationships

Prior to being married, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor frequently appeared together on family vacations and at public occasions, despite initially keeping their relationship a secret. On April 14, 2022, the actors were married in a small ceremony at their Vastu home in Mumbai.

Ranbir recently spoke about his marriage with Alia, and what kind of a husband he thinks he is. "You feel overall you are doing better. But life is such that it is never going to be perfect. I don’t think I am a great son, a great husband, or a brother. But I think I have the desire to be better and that’s important as long as you are aware of it, you will be on the right track," Ranbir told.

And soon after, Alia had announced her pregnancy and the news of her daughter's arrival on November 6 via an Instagram post. She and Ranbir wrote in their baby announcement, "And in the best news of our lives:- Our baby is here...and what a magical girl she is. We are officially bursting with love - blessed and obsessed Parents! Love, love, love Alia and Ranbir."

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