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"I don’t go to the parties, or award shows, our industry is too superficial" , Aahana Kumra opens up on campism in Bollywood

After actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas claimed that she had found herself "cornered in the industry," the topic of Bollywood camps has received more attention. In a series of tweets, singer Armaan Mallik also discussed the subject and how it affected his work.

Actor Aahana S Kumra has since added that this is an actual practise, not some urban legend. She even alleges that campism caused her to lose her job.

Aahana said, “At the moment, I am shooting for a project in Dehradun. But I didn’t get any work for the last two years. I didn’t shoot for a series or anything. I was not being approached for roles. In the industry, I have noticed that actors who hang out with a certain set of people get hired again and again. I am not part of any of that circle. So if you ask me, if it affects me getting me? I’d say yes, it does,” says the actor, adding, “I don’t go to the parties, or award shows. Our industry is too superficial. And it’s nice to actually come out of Mumbai. I have been very happy that I have been in Uttarakhand for the past one month. It’s nice to meet people outside of showbiz. I felt that normalcy in my life was going away, which has come back after spending the time here in Dehradun.” 

She also revealed that during her low phase, she tried doing something positive and decided to create content for herself.

“It gave me time to write. I travelled a lot, and the more I stepped out of the city, I realised that there are so many stories…. I decided that I am not going to beg in front of people to hire me. I feel they will hire me when they really need to, even though it is really unnatural that people just don’t consider you even after you have worked so much. They just disregard you. Till then, I am turning a writer, and working on a story,” she concluded.

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