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I believe I am yet to explore the best within me says Main Atal Hoon Actor Sachin Parikh

Versatile actor Sachin Parikh, who was recently seen in an important role in Ravi Jadhav’s Main Atal Hoon, feels he has not yet explored his full potential in Hindi films. Sachin has been working for quite sometime and has done films like PK, Aligarh, Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji, Jack N Dil and OTT series like Crackdown 2 and Avroadh 2. 

Sharing about his own potential and greed he says, ”An actor is always hungry for better roles with good makers. Our industry has fantastic makers and I am glad to work under their direction. I have worked with eminent directors like Raju Hirani (PK) Hansal Mehta (Aligarh) Madhur Bhandarkar (Dil to Bachha Hai Ji) Ravi Jadhav (Main Atal Hoon), Hannes Holmes (Swedish Oscar Nominated Director for a swedish series [The most Beautiful Hands Of Delhi], Vaibhav Misra (loveshuda), Sachin Karande (jack N Dil), Sameer Sippy(Ishqforever), R Balki (Paa), Jaiveer Sharma (Bajrang Ali), Ajoy Verma (Zapt), Apoorva Lakhiya (Crackdown2), Ravi Adhikari (Karmayudhh), Raj Acharya (Avroadh2). But I still believe I am yet to explore the best within me. These roles were good and it was a great experience working with them. But the best is yet to come! Few directors I would love to work with include Vibhu Puri, Shashank Khaitan, Sandeep Modi, Vishnu Vardhan and Ritesh Menon.” 

Sachin got his role in Atal through a noted casting agency Kavish Sinha and team (Onmykayroll casting). He says,”After they showed my audition to the director of the film Ravi Jadhav sir, he immediately told them  that he could see his Mr Kaul in me. It was enthralling and completely satisfying. The detailing of the film was amazing - everyone right from the technician to the make up artist - worked on the minutest of detail.  The direction under the great captaincy of Ravi ji was simply awesome.”

Sharing his preparatory work for the role Sachin adds,”I was told by the casting team what exactly director wants from his actors. Ravi ji is a director who works more in-between the lines and wants to act more in silence. And I did exactly what was required in my scenes. More matter of fact, more relatable. I studied some unread and unknown part of Atalji's life before i started my shoot.I shot my part in Lucknow and near Raibareli. My residence shown in the film was one of the old heritage properties near Raibareli and it was lovely shooting there. It actually took us to that era.” 

Incidentally Sachin has worked with Pankaj Tripathi 12-13 years back in a series called Powder. 

Sachin shares, “When I met him for Main Atal Hoon we remembered our first work together. I was amazed to see his make up and he was perfect in his look as Atalji. He shared one very intersting thing which I totally agree with him. He said we are have got such a magical thing call camera in front of us. Whatever you do soulfully is caught in this lens. So being real in front of the reel is what i always learn from him.”

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