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‘I am an SRKian’ says Ayushmann Khurrana

An Action Hero, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Jaideep Ahlawat, was released in theatres in December 2022. Despite receiving favourable reviews, the movie didn't do well at the box office. An Action Hero is now streaming on Netflix.

An Action Hero was recently praised over Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan by a Twitter follower. The fan was thanked by Ayushmann, who is a major SRK fan, but he politely conveyed his disappointment over her criticism of Pathaan. The answer from Ayushmann is gaining immense love from the audience. 

She recommended watching An Action Hero over Shah Rukh’s Pathaan, and wrote, “Screw Pathan, watch Action Hero on Netflix! Story, dialogues, background music, the subtle middle finger shown to Indian news channels and their crass reporting, @ayushmannk has KILLED it! But my fav was the guy mimicking Arnab.”

To which Ayushmann replied, “Thanks for loving An Action Hero. Could’ve avoided the first line though I’m an SRKian!” The Twitter user then replied to Ayushmann’s tweet and wrote that while she loved SRK, she didn’t like the story of Pathaan as much. “Same! I (heart) SRK. but sometimes I don’t like the story as much as I love the star,” 

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