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I always stay true to my roots only to be remembered as a good human : Suniel Shetty

Mud Skull  off-roading is now gaining its popularity among its audience. The founders of Mud Skull are Sam Khan, Subodh Singh and Ashish Singh. The fitness icon, and a sportsperson at heart, Suniel Shetty is the brand ambassador of the Mud skull off-roading racing, season 3. In an exclusive conversation with Ashish Tiwari of First India  the superstar spoke about his background and kids and also Reveals Why Hindi Films stars are loosing connect with the fans. 

The actor shares an Adrenaline rush towards sports as he launches the mud skull off road racing speaking on it he said , “There’s an excitement of being amidst the rain , mountains and the lush green trees that makes me feel i am in a Zen Space. Finally after two years we are bringing this to the people”

Anna aka Suniel Shetty is undoubtedly one of the Pure , real and grounded personalities we have in the Industry speaking on how he has managed to maintain peace he said , “ One has to plan it , i got the opportunity from merely owning a restaurant to today being a successful actor i cannot complaint i have got everything, my contemporaries are doing better than me today that’s because they deserve it they have worked for it . Life is beyond everything"

Anna Believes his calm nature comes from his family he shares , “That ease comes from family , especially parents . They stay in the real world , when you do something do it selflessly. There is a recent disconnect amongst today’s Industry as The virtual world is fake “

Speaking on the recently boycott culture in bollywood he said , “As i said there’s a disconnect that has affected to the ticket paying audience as well. They tend to present a fake world at the theatres . But i always tend to apologise to the audience as our sole purpose was only to entertain them and we will continue to do so”

Check out the entire emotional Baatchit here :

Anna also shared his life mantra to be successful and grounded at the same time , “I am very much content with my self . I have received more than what I had asked for. Even when I had to leave the industry for my father I didn’t plan it I did it . I do what makes me happy . I have always said I want to retire as a good human being. We need to manifest of being a better person “

With Athiya and Ahaan doing well in the Industry Anna has all the reasons to be a proud father speaking on the same he shared , “Even the kids realise , that being a good human being is very important. When a good word about them is said it feels good. Both of them are very content with what the have at the same time very selective about the work that they do maintaining their dignity . Their work should appeal to their people”

Suniel Shetty will be back on screens after a long gap and has recently shot for two web shows and a reality show. All of which will be available to the audience really soon. 

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