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Humari Dosti me sukoon hai : Helly Shah and Vidhi Pandya

Actress Helly Shah and Vidhi Pandya are best friends since the beginning. They are pillars of strength for each other, in high and low momemts of their life. The duo met on one of the sets for a show and little did they would find a friend for life. In an exclusive conversation with Ashish Tiwari of First India the bff’s opened up on their bond shared fond memories and more . 

While both of them have been bestfriends for a while now on asking what was their first impression of each other they shared , “I did my first on screen appearance with Helly and I remember her being very sweet she spoke to me even though we didn’t know each other . She didn’t have that heroine attitude. But we never thought we’ll be bestfriends 6 years later” said Vidhi

To which Helly Added , “I didn’t assume anything about her , but she was easy to approach so that’s when our friendship began . I take time to befriends with people but there’s was a mutual positivity that we both have nurtured. We have an unsaid understanding between both of us”

They share a very strong bond that’s rare between two actresses speaking on that Vidhi said , “She understands the unsaid , i may finish my conversation in a line to keep my best-friend updated and she gets it” 

Adding on the same Helly said , “Vidhi is very matured , so i really don’t need to elaborate and explain things to her . This is a very strong base for our relationship. Even if we don’t talk the silence between us feels comfortable. 

On asking on what friendship means to them they quoted , “ Humari Dosti me Sukoon hai . When you are in chaos there has to be one person who you can feel the sukoon with , there’s ease in friendship far apart from the world problems , someone with whom we can just be ourselves. There’s no judgement and no pretence in a friendship” 

Speaking on their best moments spent together they mentioned, “ Our best time spent together has to be our trips favourite one would be the one we took to Jodhpur , were we spent the most minimal money yet had the best time of our lives exploring the destination”

While in many aspects the TV actors are looked up the bff’s mentioned “Every actor has faced the TV discrimination tag . We want to explore the craft in every way possible and to be called only as an actor and not be categorised on the basis of the platform . We are here to perform and given an opportunity we would do that on every platform .Things are changing but a slow pace there’s a section of people who invite us who collaborate with us but also there’s a section who refuses on the same. So you meet both kinds of people” 


Ott drift has been a boon to the Industry sharing their take they mentioned , “Ott has opened doors for so many actors , who were earlier restricted due to lack of platforms have now opened up to the wife stream audience , also ott generated employment for a lot of people . So yes Ott is now fulfilling the dream and passion of many artists. 

Check out the full interview here : 

On the work Front Helly made heads turn by making her red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival 2022 and now her film Zibah is eligible for Oscar qualification; Hopes for a 'nomination'.  While Vidhi was last seen in Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye that air its last episode on 7th August!

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