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How Tiger Shroff created his Tigerverse

Tiger Shroff who sky-rocketed to fame with his action genre films is the first of his generation who has made a career out of playing coming of age action heroes in Hindi cinema. His singularly driven characters and jaw-dropping action stunts captivated the audiences across generations, and propelled the actor to action stardom in very little time. 

Driven by instinct and childhood fascination for international action stars Shroff has built a career that is second to none in the Indian film industry. His unique position as the biggest action superstar is backed by years of dedication to training in martial arts and parkour, and his willingness to do every stunt by himself. He has worked very hard to earn his own spot in the competitive Hindi film industry and success followed. An industry insider explains, "Tiger has chosen the hardest genre of action. He trains like a demon and makes the hardest stunts look effortless. Success couldn't have happened to a nicer guy."

Not surprising that when director and producer Siddharth Anand bagged the rights of remaking Rambo in Hindi, he signed Tiger Shroff as the first actor on the project. The pre-production on the film is underway, and the makers are set to start rolling the film early next year. A film trade analyst reveals, "Tiger is the obvious choice. No one can bring to the table what he does. His dedication and passion cannot be emulated even though many actors of his generation are trying to do action films now."

Shroff, the youth icon, continues to work on himself and is eternally seeking perfection in his genre of action films. His work has inspired many of his contemporaries to pursue action movies. He has also breathed life into a new generation of kids who consider him as their youth icon, who have ditched their PlayStations and started learning martial arts.

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