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Hitesh Bharadwaj: Feels nice to see Udaariyaan crossing 700 episodes!

Actor Hitesh Bharadwaj says that he feels proud to be associated with Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Udaariyaan. The actor adds that working in the show has been a treat. “It feels nice when you are associated with such a great project, with so many mindful people. This in itself is a big thing. Coming to Punjab, working with these people,” he says. He adds, “It feels like I have completed a workshop here where I have completed a course in acting. Trust me Sargun, Ravie, Preet (Rajput), Srman (Jain) are amazing people to work with. I wish to work here again and again despite anything. I am glad that I got this opportunity."  The show is shot in Chandigarh. “I have been in Chandigarh only and  feels like my home now. I think when I am in Mumbai, we have friends, family, so we can disconnect from our profession, but here it feels like a UPSC exam! Here 24 hours, I think about work,” he says.

Ask him what is the best compliment that he has got for his show, and he says, “I have received many compliments recently but the best one is from my mom. I feel very happy when she advises me and compliments me on every scene. But other than her, there are also a lot of people who compliment me for which I am very grateful.

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