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Here’s what our Tinsel Town Celebs did for New Years 2023

The New Year 2023 is here while many celebrated the special day vacationing others some just chose to stay by their families through the day. Checkout what our favourite celebrities did for new years and their special wishes.

Nishant Malkani

 I have no plans as such but I may visit my friend's place on New Year's eve. I am going to be ringing in it with my friends and will be with my family the next day. I am looking forward to a few projects and I hope to get a good response. In 2023 I wish to grow personally and professionally.

Aly Goni

2022 was good to me and I am sure 2023 will also be good to me. I didn’t take up Tv shows in 2022 I am working on something so when the right time comes I will talk about it in 2023. I intend to do a good OTT project I would be in Jammu on New Year with my family. There is no substitute for celebration without family. Life is all about loving your family. I also read covid news we should follow all precautions needed, we must value life, and we must count our blessings. Life is here and now. Everyone should work hard and live life one day at a time. You should know what makes you happy and peaceful. You should always follow your heart.

Adaa Khan

New years mostly I'm thinking of being with friends and family. I will be here only because I just came back. I had gone to Muscat, and Kashmir so now because of the covid scare I am just thinking of just avoiding it. I have never made any resolutions. All the resolutions that we make get broken. So probably I just feel that let things happen on their own. it gets Jinx and it never happens. So I am super superstitious about it. I just believe in going with the flow and staying in the moment, living in the moment.

Subuhii Joshii

I am also a DJ so I am going to be in Indore playing for New Year's eve. I usually don't like being alone for New Year I like to be with my friends and family but this year I won't be able to due to my work. This year my New Year resolution is to do the best work of my career and I am going to work very hard to achieve what I want. Be the best version of myself and work the maximum this year. 

Ranndeep R Rai

There are no plans as such. I might go to Jhansi and bring on New Year's eve with my family and friends. If I am in Mumbai, I plan to go to Siddhivinayak, Mahalaxmi temple to seek blessings and also to the Gurudwara. I think my New Year's resolution would be to be happy and do good work which keeps my fans and family happy. I want to do good work in 2023. The things that I couldn't achieve in 2022, I plan to achieve in 2023.

Sudhanshu Pandey

My New Year plans are very simple. I am not going anywhere to celebrate. I am staying home and maybe a couple of friends are coming to my house on New Year's eve. Otherwise, just two friends and family with my wife and kids. I don't have a resolution for the New Year's because I don't have any such vices that I need to overcome or I need to give up on some habit or I need to do something extra that I'm not doing. I take every day as a new day. And every day for me is the beginning of the rest of my life. So that's how I look at it. And I put in all the hard work and all my efforts every day. So there is no such resolution. But I'd like to keep working harder. 

Asha Negi

Due to my hectic schedule and back-to-back shoots. I hardly get time to spend with my family and friends. Especially this year, I would love to celebrate the New Year with my loved ones. And create some beautiful memories, and cherish them forever with me. I want to make the most of this trip before I get back to work.Happy New Year everyone ! Here's to living life to the full in 2023. As a wise person once said, "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!"


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