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Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan: Celebs wish him on his special day, share how he continues to inspire them

It’s Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday on November 2 and his fans across the globe have been waiting for this special day for months. They have their plans set much like the actor and his loved ones. Kind Khan will turn 58 this year. His success story in Bollywood is an inspiration to all. Khan’s films Pathaan and Jawaan have become the most successful films this year. Celebs wish the actor and talk about his journey and transition from TV to films to becoming a superstar and name their favourite film of SRK.

Charrul Malik
SRK is everyone's favorite. It's unbelievable that King Khan is turning 58 this year. He is aging like fine wine and doesn't even look like he is 58. His success story, from a television actor to a superstar, is truly inspiring. I have personally met him several times for interviews and had the privilege of interacting with him. He is such a lively and versatile person, making him everybody's favorite. This man started his journey with a small television show, and now look at how he has carved a space in the industry. His journey is so commendable that every actor admires it. Speaking of his films Pathaan and Jawaan, there's no doubt they are destined for success because none of his films has ever lacked the love they deserved. He always gives his all in everything he does. I must say that I have met hundreds of actors, but if you ask me, I'll always place him in the top 3. He is a humorous and polite person who remains very down-to-earth. I wish him a very happy birthday and may God bless him with a wealthy and healthy year ahead. Keep inspiring us!

Rajeev Bhardwaj
Shah Rukh Khan's remarkable journey is a testament to hard work and dedication. He has inspired me, a computer engineer, to pursue my passion as an actor. The key lesson from him is 'hard work and dedication.' His films Pathaan and Jawaan are blockbusters, a much-needed boost for our entertainment industry. SRK excels at storytelling and connecting with people. While I loved his previous films, 'Kabir Khan' in CHAK DE! India won my heart. Like Kabir Khan, SRK inspires us to strive harder, persevere, and give our best in everything we do. His scene when he rubs his silver medal and says, "Isko ghis ghis ke Gold mein Badalne ki koshish kar raha hu," resonates with us all. We should learn from his journey and embrace hard work, just as he does.

Nivedita Basu
We've been following Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) since his early days because he used to live next door to my nani's house. We always believed that his journey from there to where he is now must be quite a story. We looked up to him and even thought that we could achieve similar success when we were in school. There's no doubt that he's an intelligent person, as he was my brother's schoolmate, and I've heard that he excelled in everything – sports, debates, declamation, you name it. He was truly outstanding in all aspects, so it was only a matter of time before he reached the top. I believe Shah Rukh Khan has a lot of class, and it's fantastic that his movies "Pathaan" and "Jawan" have done well. It's because I want the film industry to thrive and succeed.

Ayush Khatri
Shah Rukh Khan is everyone's favorite actor, and we cannot deny the fact that he succeeded without any godfather in the film industry. His story has been very inspiring for every individual who appreciates his hard work and dedication towards his work. I adore his love for acting. He started with a television show, and just look at him now; he is a superstar loved globally. Talking about his two major films released this year, Pathaan and Jawan, both of them became blockbuster hits. My all-time favorite film of SRK is Kal Ho Naa Ho. It makes me cry whenever I watch it.

Aradhana Sharma
SRK is my first love! He never fails to win our hearts with his fantastic acting skills and charming personality. No doubt, his journey from television to films has been quite challenging, but it is amazingly inspiring. He made a smashing comeback this year on the big screen with Pathaan and Jawan. Deepika Padukone and SRK's sizzling chemistry in both of the films is what made me fall in love with them all over again. I love his film Chennai Express and can watch it thousands of times.

Bhuvnesh Mam
Words are not enough to describe the hard work and dedication of an actor who has chosen to change his destiny with his talent. He started with a TV show, and now he is recognized globally. I don't think his journey was an easy one. I admire his love for acting and how well he balanced everything. His films, Pathaan and Jawan, became blockbuster hits. It seemed like the whole nation celebrated his smashing comeback on the big screen. Speaking of my favorite films of SRK, I love to watch DDLJ. I am a big fan of both SRK and Kajol. They are one of the best on-screen couples.

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