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Hansa Singh on Priyanka Chopra voicing her opinions about Bollywood

Actress Priyanka Chopra recently spoke about politics, bullying and pressure in Bollywood. Actress Hansa Singh says that while this is the need of the hour, new actors cannot follow her example. “It’s a democracy. One can voice their opinions. But if you notice, people voice their opinions only when they are beyond their insecurities and they have achieved a name. So, newcomers and young artistes with their insecurities attached, are not able to speak their mind. Having said that Gen X or Gen Z, whatever term you use, are vociferous and say or pour forth their opinions. Yet it’s still far-fetched,” she says.

Getting a break in Bollywood is tough and sustaining a career in Bollywood is equally tough, but things are changing, says Hansa, adding, “Bollywood is expanding. Thanks to OTT and its various platforms now, we have hope. Yet, I see that film actors are given priority in OTT. However, now different genres are there. So, a good artist will get work, if they are not very choosy. And then sustaining depends on you getting to do work regularly. So, it can be difficult if you have spread your wings far and wide. Being real really helps.”

She adds, “One should be wise. It’s an uncertain world and having hobbies helps. One should have a time frame.  If it works as desired, good. If your family is supportive then it’s easier.” 

Talking about casting today, Hansa says that everyone is labelled. “When people are casting, they now have actors divided and slotted into categories such as filmy face, OTT face and TV face. Though the reach of TV is awesome, yet OTT is quite popular as well as it is niche Also unlike TV’s never ending soap operas, actors prefer progressive OTT content to be part of,” she says.

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