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For supporting the new Indian Parliament, Akshay Kumar  faces TROLLS; "Why an Canadian is interfering in..." says Netizens

Celebrities all throughout the country, including Akshay Kumar, are gushing about the new Parliament building. In the midst of all the acclaim and enthusiasm, several images and videos of the new Parliament have gone viral online, and the hashtag 'My Parliament, My Pride' is currently trending. 

The Bollywood actor used his Twitter account to provide a few peeks of the new Parliament. He also provided a narration for the accompanying video, “Proud to see this glorious new building of the Parliament. May this forever be an iconic symbol of India’s growth story. #MyParliamentMyPride”.

However, the way in which Akshay Kumar particularly promoted the new parliament did not sit well with Twitter users, who reacted to it in a variety of ways. 

As Akshay Kumar recalled visiting the India Gate as a youngster to observe the British-built structures, the new Parliament campaign film caught viewers' attention. The actor also brags about the development of the new Parliament building. 

Akshay Kumar has frequently been the target for a variety of factors. whether it be in his films, music, or most recently in the video of the Parliament. Many individuals have made reference to Akshay Kumar's Canadian citizenship, and they are criticising the actor for it.

The recently circulated video sparked an immediate response online, with many people opining that the 'Canadian actor' shouldn't tamper with the Indian Parliament building. Despite all the criticism, Akshay Kumar's supporters still stand behind him.

PM Narendra Modi opened the facility on Sunday and published a video of the event on his Twitter account. The Indian Prime Minister wrote, "Some significant events from the inauguration were shared, “Here are key moments from the grand inauguration of our new Parliament building. A milestone in our nation's journey, it radiates the hopes and aspirations of 140 crore Indians.”

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