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Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri reacts to same sex marriage, "NO same sex marriage is not an ‘urban elitist’ concept, It’s a human need"

Same-sex marriage is not a "urban elitist" idea, according to Vivek Agnihotri. The filmmaker tweeted on Tuesday in response to a Supreme Court judgement that those who oppose same-sex unions "have never travelled in rural towns and villages of India." Same-sex marriage "should be normal and not a crime" in a "modern, open, and inclusive civilisation" like India, according to Vivek.

He was reacting to a tweet that read, "Centre tells Supreme Court that same sex marriage is an urban elitist concept, which is far removed from social ethos of country. Extending same sex marriage beyond heterosexual unions will create a new institution, centre says." In response, Vivek tweeted, “NO. Same sex marriage is not an ‘urban elitist’ concept. It’s a human need. Maybe some sarkari (government) elites drafted it, who have never travelled in small towns and villages. Or Mumbai locals. First, same sex marriage is not a concept. It’s a need. It’s a right. And in a progressive, liberal and inclusive civilisation like Bharat, same sex marriage should be normal, not a crime.”

After which, Filmmaker Hansal Mehta too echoed similar thoughts, as he shared a still from Modern Love: Mumbai. He tweeted, "Come on Supreme Court! Pave the path. Legalise same sex marriages." 

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