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Filmmaker Subhash Kapoor Applauds Look Designer Sanah Kewal's Masterful Work in Maharani Season 3 Web Series

Renowned filmmaker Subhash Kapoor extends accolades to the talented look designer Sanah Kewal for her outstanding contributions to the highly anticipated Maharani Season 3 web series. Kapoor expressed profound admiration for Kewal's meticulous attention to detail and innovative vision, which have played a pivotal role in bringing the characters to life on screen.

"Sanah Kewal did a really great job paying close attention to every little detail when doing the hair and makeup for Maharani 3. She made sure everything was just right, and her hard work showed. Every hairstyle and makeup look she created was done with care, making the characters look amazing on screen. Her talent helped bring the characters to life and made the webshow even better," said Subhash Kapoor.

As Maharani Season 3 continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Kapoor acknowledges Kewal's invaluable contributions and looks forward to future collaborations that push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling in the digital realm.

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