Filmmaker Rajeev Singh dares to dream with his film ‘Meri Pyaari Nikki’

Making your name in the entertainment world becomes tough when you are on your own. Not many A-listers today would resonate with the feeling but Rajeev Singh, a filmmaker who came from a small town in Bihar with dreams and aspirations, can. While he has had the experience of working in the visual effects department of several renowned Hollywood films, Rajeev came back to India to make his own films. Today he awaits the release of his hard work, Meri Pyaari Nikki. Sitting down with City First, he shared his journey.

Rajeev revealed that his film is a suspense thriller that has been directed, produced and edited by him. It also stars him in the main role alongside Anju Jadhav. “95% of the movie has only two characters although the total cast is six. I can say with confidence that it is a film that will entertain every type of audience. I can say this with confidence because I have done more than 15 trials with all types of audiences and every one of them loved the film.”

The actor-cum-filmmaker revealed he got the inspiration for the film from the entertainment industry itself. “It isn’t like an outsider came and made an out-of-the-box unconventional film. I have worked on the story so that it would fit in perfectly within the industry. The way I have worked on things so far and the way I have poured in my efforts into the film I have made, I know that it will work out which is why I made the film.”

He further added, “Ever since I started working in 2010, I had the goal of making films with different stories. I always had a passion to tell stories to people. But things never worked out. Sometimes, it was the budget, sometimes it was the actors. Currently, I have 10 scripts with me. When the lockdown happened, I thought to myself that many Hollywood filmmakers started small with high-content films. So, I thought that I’ll make a film in a single location and worked out the rest of the details over time. I already have the script for the second part of the film ready. I just made a small first part with whatever available resources.”


Rajeev mentioned his struggles to make 15 narrations in a day to hire actors, each narration lasting 1.5 hours. Right from the crew to financial aid, everyone needed big names associated with the project, he said. “I used to get out for the shoot each day unsure of whether we will be able to complete it. I always had the fear that the project will stop mid-way and I won’t be able to complete it. If that had happened the 12 years of my journey would have been a waste and I would have lost all my hope.”

The only thing he wishes for is a reformation in the industry where it becomes more welcoming and helpful for outsiders.

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