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"Earlier, we did not have that support system, and lacked awareness", Radhika Apte reveals people telling her to alter parts of her body

Actor Radhika Apte had revealed that in her Initial days when she had just started out, she was often asked to alter parts of her body. Speaking of if she still faces such comments, Radhika revealed, "I don't think now that does (happen). Yeah, I lost a film because I was overweight by 3-4 kilos. Of course, in the beginning when you come, you are told 'why don't you get a bigger nose, or bigger breasts'. I do not know what else, but just saying, In the beginning, people came and comment just because they thought they had the right." 

She added, “Now we can talk about this and call it out just because of awareness, nothing else. We are more aware that if you say something like that, I will call you out, and ensure you are out of this project atleast. Earlier, we did not have that support system, and lacked awareness so I used to make fun of them, about their bodies.”

Earlier, Radhika had shared her experience of working in Mrs Undercover. “Not only spy comedy is an unexplored genre in India, but in my very first narration of this film I fell for my character of Durga. Durga is funny, kind, sincere, she is also clumsy and unsure of herself, and this film is her journey of discovering her own strength."

She added, "Every household has a Durga- a woman who quietly goes about her work and doesn't get her due because she is considered 'just' a housewife. However, this film fights that mentality which prevails in our patriarchal society, and it's done beautifully under the guise of humour.” 

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