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Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha predicts that Shah Rukh Khan’s film DUNKI is likely to resonate strongly with audiences!

SRK’s fans across the world are looking forward to the actor’s next film DUNKI. The film is all set to release on December 22. Celebrity astrologer and Vastu consultant Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha, shares his prediction about the film.

Shah Rukh Khan's birth chart reflects an individual with a Leo ascendant, symbolizing charisma, confidence, and a dynamic presence. The positioning of the Sun, as the ruler of Leo, in the house of courage and initiative in the Libra sign denotes a powerful combination fostering boldness and ambition.

Currently experiencing the Saturn Mahadasha until 2026, Shah Rukh Khan benefits from Saturn's strong and favorable position in his birth chart. This phase signifies discipline, hard work, and a methodical approach, which, when combined with his innate courage, can propel him to greater heights in his career.

Given his unwavering passion for his work and the favorable astrological conditions, Shah Rukh Khan stands poised for exceptional achievements. Considering his established reputation as the 'King Khan of Bollywood,' it's anticipated that his movies, including his latest endeavor, DUNKI is likely to resonate strongly with audiences and dominate the box office charts.

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