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Don’t let ambition overpower my basic values and beliefs: Seerat Kapoor

Seerat Kapoor, who is seen as Mannat in Prateek Sharma and Parth Shah’s (Studio LSD) Rabb Se Hai Dua, feels that though ambition and the drive to excel are very important, she doesn’t let them influence her values and beliefs. 
She said, “Ambition and drive to excel are very important to actually achieve something, but I also don’t let ambition overpower my basic values and beliefs. I think that staying on course is what takes you far. Easy or faster success is very difficult to handle, even though it can make an instant star. I believe in taking it step by step with full consideration of its consequences in the long run.”
Seerat says that, like any other actor, she gets enticed by any and all opportunities that come her way. She added, “I have wonderful mentors and guides who are my family. We discuss everything and make an informed decision about those opportunities.”
Asked what she does when she has multiple opportunities to choose from, she said, “In an actor’s career, having more than one opportunity at one point is very common, and you feel very conflicted when that happens since more often than not you are waiting for them for a very long time. When such a situation arises, you have to think practically about all the aspects of those opportunities. What it will lead to and where it will take you eventually, also what is your priority at that point in time.“
Looking back at her career, Seerat says she is blessed with a career that she can be proud of. She said, “Whatever little I have achieved, it has come through hard work and persistence, which drives me to be sincere and dedicated to my work. I still have a long way to go, and I am grateful for it all.”
Sharing her thoughts on the environment directly influencing an actor’s performance, she said that she is a very emotional person and gets affected by anything and everything that happens around her. 
“It does make one very vulnerable, but I also think it is part and parcel of being an actor. If the environment on a set is positive and lively, you can see the result on screen. I am blessed to be working with Studio LSD, as I feel like I am at home working with my family, and that for an actor is a huge blessing,” she ended.

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