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‘Don’t believe in wearing clothes once!’ : Sonam Kapoor on why people need to be conscious about the need to reuse, repeat and rewear

Global Fashion icon and Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor’s influence on the Indian fashion landscape & pop culture is undisputed. Sonam, through her incredible sense of styling, is India’s fashion ambassador to the world.

Sonam is also one of the most influential voices in fashion globally and has an incredible impact on a luxury brand’s equity in India. The face of fashion is India, Sonam, wants people to invest in buying clothes that could be reworn for years and also wants people to embrace the idea of vintage. She wants people to be conscious about the need to reuse, repeat and rewear. 

She says, “To me, having a product with longevity is luxury. Back in the day, my mother and grandmother would preserve expensive saris in a mal mal (muslin) cloth, masterji (tailor) would create made-to-measure outfits, juttis (shoes) would be created to fit our feet. I’m also doing the same.“

She adds, “So, you see, I grew up appreciating the value of personalisation and the handmade. This to me is true luxury. I consciously buy items that are made by local artisans, are vintage, and even resold.”

Sonam further says, “I haven’t bought anything that I haven’t worn multiple times. For me, everything that I buy needs to be wearable for several years. I don’t believe in wearing it once and then returning it unless I’m borrowing an outfit for an event.”

On the work front Sonam has two tent pole projects, one being Battle for Bittora. The details of other project have been kept under wraps.

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