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Digvijay Purohit on being part of Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si: I am confident people will resonate with my character

Actor Digvijay Purohit, who plays the role of Guneet in Rajan Shahi’s Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si, says that he loves the title of the show. He says that it is totally apt for the story which is highly relatable.

“So, Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si has numerous interpretations, emotions, or impulses. We suppress our inner emotions due to societal pressure, our personal nature, or the environment around us. So, yes, it happens to all of us. It's as if we have many things suppressed inside us. I believe it represents those hidden feelings, and the audience can interpret them in their own way depending on their emotions. It also emphasises on how an actor or a scene communicates with the audience and vice versa. So, this tagline represents these hidden emotions,” he says.

People are loving the show and Digvijay says that he and his co-actor Sheeba Akashdeep have been getting good reviews. “People are liking the show over-all and my character and situations are quite relatable. Sheeba ji was telling me that she is getting great feedback as well and that people are liking us as a couple. As far as the track is concerned, it's centred around leads Kunal (Mohit Malik), Vandana (Sayli Salunkhe), Vaibhav (Karan Veer Mehra) and Mrunal (Garvita Sadhwani),” he says.

Talking about his character in the show. “I play the character of Gunit, who is Pammi's husband (played by Sheeba Akashdeep). His character is very positive, and he's a family man. Both the husband and wife have mutual respect for each other, and I believe the audience will hardly notice any differences between them. Even though there are scenes where we depict differences, they are eventually resolved. In TV serials, the focus is usually on the leads, but when I was briefed about this role by the creative team, they told me that in this serial, all characters would receive equal attention. They intend to portray everyone's lives and experiences. Gunit loves his family deeply, but luck hasn't been on his side. He has faced struggles in the past and continues to do so. Just like in real life, we all encounter challenges,” he says. 

He adds, “I can relate to it quite a bit. He's not confrontational. Many times when there's a difference, or when we might be angry with someone, we tend to confront them. However, I think he tries to resolve differences amicably, without argument or fighting. I am similar to him in this regard; I don't like to argue. I prefer to resolve issues amicably.”

The story, too, will be loved by everyone, he says, adding, “It's relatable to every human. Like I mentioned before, many things, impulses, and emotions are suppressed in our everyday life. This is a character who we see in our daily lives, such as in our families. Often many differences arise, and this is portrayed in the serial. So, it's relatable to the audience. I'm confident that this character will resonate with them.”

Working with Rajan Shahi and Directors Kut Production was a treat, he says, adding, “As far as work is concerned, it's one of the best production houses in Mumbai that I have worked with. I have worked with them earlier as well. There is a very positive environment. I'm happy working with both, the production house as well as the character they assigned me. The on-set environment here is quite good; everybody has a humble and down-to-earth approach. So, I love that.”

Talking about the shoot, he says, “An interesting incident indeed. Sheeba Akashdeep is playing my wife in this show, and before this, we worked together in another show, 'Naagin,' where we also portrayed husband and wife. So, when I arrived for my Photoshoot with the channel, I didn't ask anyone who would be playing my wife. However, when I saw Sheeba ji, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a delightful surprise to see her. She didn't know that I would be playing her husband. This was a very interesting incident, and we had a great rapport in our previous show. She is a sweetheart to work with. So, this incident added a beautiful touch to our collaboration (laughs).”

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