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Debattama Saha from COLORS’ ‘Krishna Mohini’: “Even the most arduous workday feels like a breeze with Fahmaan around”

Every person in the world has or needs a ‘SaaRthi’ – a guide who stands by their side throughout, being their rock and support. Celebrating these giving individuals, COLORS’ ‘Krishna Mohini’ is garnering a lot of love as it’s tracing the endearing tale of a brother and sister set in Dwarka, Gujarat. The family drama follows Krishna (played by Debattama Saha), who plays an elder sister to Mohan (played by Ketaki Kulkarni), and Aryaman (essayed by Fahmaan Khan), a businessman, who crosses paths with the former. All the actors of the show have been receiving appreciation from the audience, making their real-life bond even stronger.  Debattama has nothing but praise for her co-star Fahmaan, who is known for being the livewire who lights up the set with his fun energy and keeps the entire cast and crew entertained off-screen.

Speaking about her co-actor Fahmaan, Debattama says, “Fahmaan is an absolute live wire! He has this infectious energy that lights up the entire set. No matter how demanding the shoot day is, he always finds ways to keep us smiling and laughing. He is very perceptive and in tune with everyone's emotions. He has an uncanny ability to sense when the intensity of emotional scenes is weighing us down. That's when he swoops in with his playful pranks and witty one-liners. It's such a blessing to have a co-star who can create an environment with positive vibes and happiness. Even the most arduous workday feels like a breeze with him around.”

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