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Dasara has an adrenaline rush to it : Natural Star Nani

Natural Star Nani’s upcoming film Dasara will be releasing soon . Going by the visuals of the trailer the film looks like a blood-soaked, intense story of one man’s uprising from a small village called Veerlapally, which is surrounded by piles of coal. “Dasara” tells the tale of socio economic conditions, political ambitions and power struggles set against the backdrop of the Singareni coal mines in India’s Telengana state. In an exclusive conversation with Ashish Tiwari of First India Nani Spoke about his experience and more

When asked about what made him say yes to Dasara the actor shared , “Everything about the film excited me , the most important quality to impress the audience is the emotion. And Dasara has an enthralling emotional, every moment in the film is organic and will make everyone cheer. When I heard the story I transformed into that universe so have put in a lot of hard-work for the audience to like it”

He added , “I have done many films in Telegu , and people have always welcomed and loved all my past work. Dasara is a theatrical release that’s coming after a long time . And it’s emotional value will connect to each and everyone. The basic plot line is very strong so audience from Pan India will relate to it.”

Speaking on how was his shooting experience he said , “There was no fun , the conditions that we shot in were very difficult so everything was extremely intense but when we saw the output was interesting. So all the efforts seemed worth it.”

Speaking on hi camaraderie with his costar he said , “Keerthy is my close friend , our first film was a blockbuster and was successful pan india also. So we have always thought that whenever we’ll do the second film it will be different. And we got Dasara. So it’s a very special film for us.” 

With Pan India Movies getting love from all over the world Nani Shared , “It’s a very beautiful phase of Indian Cinema , where you just have to make good films and the entire nation will support. So now the only motive for all the film makers is to make good films audience will get entertained no matter what. I am very happy that now people are remaking our films that means we have managed to entertain with our content “

Dasara is slated to hit the screens on March 30.

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