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Checkout Sajid Khan's ultimate testament towards Gautam Singh Vig within two days of the ongoing show, Bigg Boss 16!

Gautam Singh Vig has been trending ever since his spat with MC Stan. The fan clubs of the rapper have been abusing and giving death threats. Though things ended on a good note, Gautam has been accused of picking up fights within the house.

In the recent episode, his fellow contestant Sajid Khan and one of the strongest in the house shares an ultimate testament towards the future of Gautam Singh Vig. Sajid Khan is known for his witty side and playing the game very smartly. He also looks as one of the strongest contestant inside. 

But the latter in one of his conversation said that he believes Gautam as the finalist of this season. While the spat and fight have been an ongoing thing in the show, coming from a fellow contestant is quite a boost for Gautam. 

Not to forget that Gautam has been nominated in the first week itself. His support outside and such confidence shown from his fellow mates inside looks like a clear sign for television's Hrithik Roshan in the final race and probably winning the title of Bigg Boss 16.


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