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Check out how Parineeti Chopra paid tribute to her Nani at her wedding

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha's wonderful love story and exquisite wedding are presently making news. They recently married in a lavish ceremony in Udaipur, and several videos and photographs from their wedding have gone viral on the internet. These glances demonstrate their deep relationship and reaffirm that they were made for each other. Previously, it was discovered that Parineeti Chopra's customised Kaliras had pieces from her and Raghav's love story; now, Manish Malhotra has disclosed some intriguing details regarding the bride's customised lehenga. 

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha married on September 24 in a lavish wedding at Udaipur's magnificent Leela Palace. Manish Malhotra, Parineeti's wedding costume designer, took to Instagram to offer a few views of the pieces added to her bridal lehenga, as well as a photo of him with Parineeti. He revealed that Parineeti wanted to pay honour to Nani by wearing her customary keychain. He also disclosed that her lehenga had aspects related to her and Raghav's love journey, such as London, music, a coffee mug, and so on. Mrinalini Chandra developed her own Kaliras, which had the same components. Sharing the pictures, Manish wrote, “Some details make all the difference. I distinctly remember discussing the lehenga design with @parineetichopra, who mentioned adding her Nani's challa (traditional keychain) to it! She wanted to pay a heartfelt tribute to her nani, who used to wear the same challa in her saree with the keys, a symbol of being the lady of the house.” 

He further wrote, “For Parineeti, the sound of the challa when her nani walked around the house, was a melody of strength and grace. And that's when I knew we HAD to add that piece of legacy to her lehenga. Of course, we added more elements that were significant to both Raghav and Parineeti like London, music, Khanda Sahib and more.

It was not just an accessory... but a piece of her that Parineeti would have on her special day. #parineetichopra #love,” and added a double heart emoji. Take a look: 

Sharing the post on her story, Parineeti wrote, “I missed my nani on my special day but had a piece of her on me…Thank you M!,” along with two key emojis. 

When it came to the groom's attire, he was clothed in an ivory sherwani made by his uncle, fashion designer Pawan Sachdeva.

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