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Brahmastra was a surreal experience for me : Mouni

Mouni Roy and rapper Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh have released their new song Gatividhi. The rap track has been composed and sung by Honey Singh and Mouni can be seen adding the zing to the party track with her dance moves and edgy styling. 

Mouni recently returned from her vacation for new years sharing the same she shared , “This new year was indeed special i spent it with my dear husband and friends. Prior to the vacation I was working non stop so this was a much needed break for me and now when I am back in the bay I am all set to start working again”

She has become an audience favourite speaking on the same she shared, “I am just grateful for all my fans , I believe the love I receive from my fans are a gift of god and never will I take this for granted”

Speaking on Gatividhi Mouni shared , “ The biggest success is the love from the audience that means people are watching and loving the song. I am a big Honey Singh fan and getting an opportunity to work with him was indeed a special moment for me to feature in his song. When you get love in return of the hard-work you put it feels great”

The actress spoke about dealing with negativity and trolling “I don’t bother on the negativity and trolling especially on social media they are faceless phantom people they don’t exist i feel pity for them that there’s something wrong with them . Initially it affected me but now I am completely over it , so if we want positive and success in your life it’s important to focus on the positive things in life”

Sharing her thoughts on criticism she shared , “I believe in selective criticism, i work on the feedbacks to improvise but not all of them are important so one should always look after what’s best for them . I really believe it’s very crucial to checkup on people. Also i feel in our education system we should involve Spirituality it will help people tackle difficult situations in life” 

“Making films is creating art , and one film is made efforts of lot of people is involved I respect every aspect of this industry and indeed I am so proud for being part of it” Mouni said on being asked about South vs Bollywood Debate. 

Her Character in Brahamstra won alot of accolades speaking on the same she shared , “It  was an unreal experience, as Brahamstra was the second film i signed after Gold . And working with legends together in a single film I feel so lucky and happy that I cannot explain in words. There was so much work and effort went behind my character that it’s indeed a dream come true”

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