Thursday, June, 01,2023

Biggboss fame Sana Khan gets Pregnant 2 Years After Getting Married To Mufti Anas Saiyad

Sana Khan and her husband Mufti Anas Saiyad are expecting their first child. Sana, during an interview with Iqra TV, announced the pregnancy. 

Back in October 2021, Sana Khan announced her exit from showbiz in order to connect with allah. She decided to use her life in a more purposeful manner and soon tied the knot with Islamic scholar Anas Saiyad. The couple has now announced their pregnancy and the former actress is already in her third trimester. 

When asked how she feels about soon becoming ‘ammi’, Sana Khan responded, “I’m looking forward to it. Obviously it’s a different journey altogether. Bohot emotionally bhi, mere liye, as a woman ups and down bohot chalta rehta hai.But I think it’s a beautiful journey, I’m waiting to have my baby in my hand.”

In early February, Sana Khan offered Umrah and shared a post that hinted at a special announcement. The caption read, "Alhamdullilah soooo Happy. This umrah is very very special for some reason which In Sha Allah I will share soon with all. May Allah make it easy." 

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