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Biggboss 16 : Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary opens up on Losing the Trophy yet Winning the hearts of the audience.

While the entire audience wanted the diva  Priyanka Chahar Choudhary to win the show, the actress finished third. And rapper MC Stan was crowned the winner. But Priyanka says she is happy. 

Priyanka is content with being the second runner-up, but her co-actor Ankit Gupta cried when she got evicted. When we ask Priyanka about it, she says, "I was shocked when I saw Ankit cry, usko mere liye bura laga hoga. But we spoke after that, and he understood. He is okay now (laughs). Ankit is family to me. I adore him a lot."

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary was one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss 16 , but what has caught everyone’s attention is what Bigg Boss 16 host Salman Khan said about Priyanka after she was evicted.

“Standing up against 15-16 people at all given time…Har cheez ke baad ye ladki smile karte hue ghar se nikli hai. Mere nazar mein winner ye hai (Standing up against 15-16 people at all times is no easy feat, and even after all the things she endured in the Bigg Boss house, Priyanka is walking away from it all with a smile. She is the real winner, as far I am concerned),” Salman Khan had said post announcing Priyanka’s eviction from the house

While Priyanka played the game solo majorly, she was also known to forge friendships with the underdogs or the loners in the house. She said, “I know I would have felt really bad if I was left alone or everyone was against me. This is who I am as a person and thus would be in good terms with them. Mahaan banne ke liye nahi kiya kuch"

Sharing her thoughts on the Mandali game from whom Stan lifted the Trophy she said , " Mandali always had an upper hand in the game , they always had an advantage as all of them stood by each other till the end. During tasks and nominations it was very much easier for them to play together as a group compared to us who had to play alone"

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