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Bigg Boss 17: Sana Raees Khan gives it back to Vicky Jain!

Lawyer Sana Raees Khan is making sure to be heard in the Bigg Boss house. The last few days have been stressful for her and she has even spoken about how Vicky Jain has been very dominating. 

Sana and Vicky were placed in the same room, before the rooms very locked up, and Sana spoke about how she felt suffocated because of him. Well, now, Sana has been speaking up, telling him about how she feels. In yesterday’s episode, we saw her telling Vicky that he tried to supress his personality, but that won’t be happening again. 

We also see Mannara Chopra supporting Sana. She told her to stop giving explanations to people because she doesn’t owe them any. 

Sana also values friendships, and we saw her apologizing to Ankita Lokhande for upsetting her. In fact, she even stood up for Ankita later in the day, when Vicky was shouting at her.

At the end of the episode, Vicky, Ankita, Sana, Khanzaadi, Anurag and Abhishek are put in one room. Now we are curious to see how Sana will manage her roommates!

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