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Bhaweeka Chaudhary: My experience of working in Swaran Ghar is nothing less than magic

Bhaweeka Chaudhary is happy with the way Swaran Ghar has shaped up. The actor plays the role of Kiran In the show, produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta's Dreamiyata Entertainment.

"Firstly I'd like to thank all our fans who have been supporting the show and showering so much love. My experience of working in this show is nothing less than magic. My process of exploring as an artist has always been about learning. Even though I haven't trained formally, I absorb and learn a lot from everyone in one set, especially my co-actors. They are the most encouraging groups of artists I have come across. Ajeet (Ajay Chaudhary) has been a pillar through this. He inspired me to understand the details of direction, cinematography, and music that have helped me better craft my performance as an actor. His reels will tell you what I mean," she says.

About working with Ravie, Sargun and the team, she adds, "Although we have physically met a very few times, even in those rare moments, they have always shown great belief in me. Their presence is enough to inspire and fill the room with positive energy."

They have ensured that the quality of content is maintained. Agreeing, she says, "It's rare for shows to consistently maintain creative quality. But the makers and our entire team believe in serving the audience with utmost sincerity. Audience has allowed us to be a part of their families in a way. So we take it as a responsibility to entertain them with our heart and soul."

The drama and emotional quotient of the show is quite high, she adds, "It's again a reflection of our relationship with the audience. We want to give the audience a little time in the entire day where they can laugh, cry, smile and feel all the emotions. We are fortunate that the story and characters have made a place in people's hearts and we wish to stay there for a longer time to come."

The unit, according to Bhaweeka, is like one happy family. "We all are family now …For me there is no one particular happy moment because every day on this set is so happening and full of joy that I can’t pick any one," she says.

Happy atmosphere on the set makes one perform better. "I think it's self- evident in the journey of this show. For me personally, my character has grown on me. I can say that my performance has gotten more spontaneous and nuanced at the same time. This can only happen when the atmosphere on the set is conducive for creativity. Everyone on this set is invested in making the scene better. All the actors and director are helping each other improvise and bring out their best so that we can tell the story in the most engaging way."

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