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Bhakti Rathod's Versatile Dedication: Kesar Baa in 'Aankh Micholi' and Sonal in 'Pushpa: Impossible'

Versatile actor Bhakti Rathod is showcasing her dedication and versatility by juggling two demanding shows simultaneously. While she's deeply engrossed in shooting for Aankh Micholi on Star Plus , where she plays the pivotal role of Kesar Baa, she's also committed to her role as Sonal in the highly anticipated show Pushpa: Impossible on Sony SAB. Despite the challenging schedules and the pressure of delivering stellar performances in both shows, Bhakti's determination remains unwavering.

A source close to the actor revealed, "Bhakti is known for her professionalism and commitment to her craft. Even though she has back-to-back shoots, she is managing her time efficiently and giving her best to both Aankh Micholi and Pushpa: Impossible.  She is continuously shooting for both projects without getting proper sleep. Despite the grueling schedules, she remains energetic and focused, always striving for perfection. Her dedication is commendable, and she is truly an inspiration to everyone on set."

Known for her versatile acting prowess, Bhakti Rathod's professional work ethics are a testament to her commitment to the craft. Her ability to effortlessly slip into diverse roles showcases her versatility as an actor. Bhakti Rathod's dedication, professionalism, and versatility make her a standout in the industry, setting a high standard for her peers. 

Bhakti Rathod's ability to balance such demanding roles speaks volumes about her dedication and passion for acting. Her commitment to excellence continues to shine through, with her upcoming project alongside veteran actor Nana Patekar, further enriching her impressive portfolio. As Bhakti Rathod gracefully balances her spiritual beliefs with her professional commitments, her journey remains a true inspiration for many.

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