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Bhakti Rathod's Colorful Holi Celebration on the Sets: A Story of Determination and Joy

Amidst the hectic shooting schedules for her shows 'Pushpa: Impossible' and 'Aankh Micholi,' Bhakti Rathod, known for her versatility and dedication, celebrated the festival of colors, Holi, on set. Bhakti's vibrant presence and enthusiasm brought an extra dose of joy to the celebrations, showcasing her true determination to enjoy life's moments despite her demanding work commitments.

As the colorful festivities unfolded, Bhakti became a source of inspiration, spreading cheer with every hue she threw. On the occasion, she expressed, "It is very important to feel safe while playing Holi, shooting sets are my comfort zone, and by God’s grace our team is like a tight knit family to me. I loved celebrating with them, while we are all working, away from our homes.”

Her ability to immerse herself in the spirit of Holi while maintaining her professionalism left everyone around her inspired. Colleagues and fans alike praised her dedication and spirit, applauding her for bringing the true essence of the festival to life even amidst her busy schedule. Bhakti's celebration was not just a joyful moment but also a reminder of her passion for both her work and the joyous celebrations of life.

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