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Ashmit Patel RECALLS Holi celebrations with Amitabh Bachchan at Pratiksha during early days in the industry: I feel incredibly lucky and blessed

With Holi just around the corner, anticipation fills the air, and actor Ashmit Patel adds an extra layer of excitement. Renowned for his captivating performance in Watcho Exclusives' series 'State v/s Ahuja,' where he portrayed the lead role, Patel now shares his plans for the upcoming festival. From cherished memories of celebrating with Amitabh Bachchan to revealing his favourite Holi song, Patel opened up about the festive joy and vibrant traditions.

Ashmit reminisced about a cherished memory from his early days in the industry—a Holi celebration that holds a special place in his heart. He shared, “I have a special memory associated with Holi and Mr. Bachchan - his famous Holi party that used to happen back in the day. I was lucky enough to be invited to his last Holi party many years ago. It was a blessing to celebrate with him, Abhishek, their entire family, and many industry members. At that time, I had just stepped into the industry, and my first film had just been released. It was very kind of Abhishek to invite me. The party was held at "Pratiksha," Mr. Bachchan's famous bungalow where he used to greet everybody every Sunday. It was the last year they celebrated Holi there, so I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have been a part of that celebration.” 

The actor also mentioned that his favourite Holi song is "Rang Barse" from the movie "Silsila," sung by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan himself. 

When asked about his favourite childhood memory, Ashmit said, “While as a kid, we didn't follow specific traditions for Holi, but I do remember how it was celebrated in my building. All the kids from both wings would gather together for a big celebration. It was a lot of fun because we could let loose and express ourselves by throwing water colours, water balloons, and using water guns (pichkaris) on each other. We even dunked anyone we didn't like into big buckets of coloured water. These memories are some of the best from my childhood, and that's how we celebrated every year – like a bunch of junglees.”

Lastly, sharing his Holi plans this year, Ashmit revealed, “I've secured a DJ gig in Goa, so I will be both performing and celebrating Holi there. There's truly no better way to combine work, celebration, and partying, especially in a place like Goa. I've recently remixed the all-time favourite Holi Party song, "Rang Barse," under my music label Ashram Collective and I can't wait to share it with everyone at the Holi gig!” 

On the work front, in "State v/s Ahuja," Ashmit Patel portrays the character of Ansh Ahuja, a Bollywood actor who is accused of rape. On the other hand, in "Scammy Boys," he takes on the role of a police officer. "State v/s Ahuja" is available for streaming on Watcho Exclusives, while "Scammy Boys," directed by Shoib Nikash Shah, can be viewed on Zee5.

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