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Armaan Malik surprises a contestant on the stage of Indian Idol!

Youth icon Armaan Malik is known to support upcoming talent in the country as well as create an unforgettable experience for his fans; this time he took it to world television to combine the two and surprise a contestant on Indian Idol Season 13. 

Rishi Singh from Ayodhya took the judges by surprise with his rendition of Armaan Malik’s ‘Pehla Pyaar’ for his audition and hit instant virality on the internet when Armaan’s fans hailed Armaanian’s shared the video applauding Rishi. It was just a matter of time before Armaan took notice of it and shared it on his social media. 

Talking about the turn of events, Armaan said, ”It’s always amazing to discover new voices from our country and when I came across the clip of Rishi Singh singing my song ‘Pehla Pyaar,’ I couldn’t resist sharing it because he truly nailed it. Not only that, my fans and listeners who have loved the original version went the extra mile in spreading it further because an exceptional voice like his deserves to be heard." 

Taking it a notch higher, Armaan decided to surprise Rishi and graced the show with his presence; Rishi not only had a chance to meet his idol but also got a chance to perform with him on one of the biggest reality shows. 

"The Indian Idol team reached out to me for coming down to the set and surprising Rishi and I said yes in a heartbeat. ‘The Dream Debut’ episode on Indian Idol this past weekend featured the two of us singing ‘Pehla Pyaar’ together on stage and it was genuinely such a wholesome experience! I wish Rishi the absolute best on the show and I hope that he continues to win our hearts with his every performance," he concluded.

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