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Anushka Sharma, Arjun Kapoor And Others Slam Invasion Of Alia Bhatt's Privacy

Actor Alia Bhatt took to Instagram on Tuesday and was quite furious at the ‘invasion of privacy’ after a few photographers clicked her photos while she was inside her house. The actor took to the photo-sharing app and tagged the Mumbai Police and wrote that she felt like she was being watched. That is when she realised that two photographers were clicking her from the top of a neighbouring building.


Anushka Sharma, who called out the organisation for publishing photos taken of her at her house without her consent a couple of years ago, re-posted Alia Bhatt's story and she wrote: "This is not the first time they are doing this. About two years ago, we called them out for the same reason. You'd think it would have made them more respectful of people's space and privacy. Absolutely shameful. They were also the only guys posting photos of our daughter despite repeated requests."

Arjun Kapoor also re-posted the actress' Instagram story . Alia Bhatt's sister and author Shaheen Bhatt tooo called out the publication and she wrote in her Instagram story: "So it's totally cool to point zoom lenses into people's homes while hiding in neighbouring buildings for "content" now? 

Earlier, Alia Bhatt and her husband Ranbir Kapoor had especially met the paparazzi in Mumbai along with Neetu Kapoor and had requested the paparazzi for privacy and asked them not to click pictures of their daughter Raha.

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