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Anuj comes to Anupama to stop her from leaving

Anupama is deep in thought, still reeling from Vanraj's words telling her not to attend Titu and Dimpy's marriage. Meanwhile, Pakhi confronts Ishani, asking how she dare phoned her dad. Dimpy intervenes, asking Pakhi not to scold Ishani, assuring her that she and Kavya will take care of her.

Vanraj arrives at Titu's house, while Anuj comes to Anupama's place, trying to stop her from leaving. He invites Shruti to accompany them to Dimpy's marriage. Anupama then visits Yashdeep's house, informing him that she will be traveling to India for Dimpy's marriage.

In the precap, Vikram expresses that they will miss Anupama. Anuj encourages her to return with newfound courage and determination. Anupama ponders how her loved ones will react to her decision.

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