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Amitabh Bachchan pens letter to Goodbye co-star and debutant Abhishekh Khan

"You were very accomplished. Keep up the good work,” writes Amitabh Bachchan

Having released only last week, Goodbye is already winning the hearts of the entire nation. Debutante Abhishekh Khan has caught the eye of critics and fans with his exemplary portrayal of Nakul. The Goodbye debutante was previously seen in the critically acclaimed Netflix Series, Bard of Blood (2019).

On the last day of their shoot, the young actor had penned an emotive letter to Big B marking the schedule wrap.

Since Goodbye was shot amidst the pandemic, there were many instances where Khan and the rest of the cast had to push themselves to manage hectic shoot schedules and get things done on time. The feeling of finally wrapping things up in time and that too so smoothly, Khan wrote letters to Director Vikas Bahl and Amitabh Bachchan, thanking them for being so welcoming. Bahl helped him in giving the letter to the Superstar.

And while Khan never expected to get a reply back from Big B. He was in for a great surprise. Two days after Bachchan received the letter, Khan was contacted by the production team. “The production called me because Amitabh ji wanted to send something back, at that moment, I was still not expecting a reply to the letter. However, by the time I reached back home, his letter to me was already there. I was at a loss of words!” 

On being asked how it felt to be recognized by the biggest superstar in the Indian Entertainment space, the young actor gushed, “Twas’ like a dream come true. One of the greatest actors to acknowledge me in such a manner was an honour in itself. It is also an excellent push for me to trust my instinct as it seems to be going in the right direction.”

What touched Khan the most were the few words that Bachchan wrote in his letter. “…for someone on a film for the first time, it never felt so. You were very accomplished. Keep up the good work,” Big B told the actor, who plays his youngest son in the film 

It is not everyday that you receive such a letter from a legend like Amitabh Bachchan. It is fair to say that there is something about Abhishekh Khan’s acting that has piqued the interest of Big B. That alone should be enough for all of us to sit up and take note. Watch his ace acting in Goodbye in theatres near you.

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