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Aly Goni opens up on why he loves working on OTT

Actor Aly Goni says that OTT has given him a chance to work as well as take out time for his family and he loves the balance he can strike by working in the medium. The actor says that he realized the importance of spending time with family after the pandemic struck and is glad to have OTT platforms that give him this kind of freedom.

“The only difference I think is that shows on OTT don’t drag. They get over in like 2 or 3 months and you get time to be around your close ones, which is very important, I feel. And I realised this after Corona,” he says.

He adds that this is not the case on TV. “On TV, you just get lost. I remember when I was doing TV, I couldn't attend any of my cousins' weddings. I couldn't attend or celebrate any occasion. I think OTT is good because you will get time to do other things as well. And I think spending time with your family is a big thing, once you miss it, you have missed out and that time won't come back again,” he says. 

He adds, “I want to strike a balance between my personal and professional life. I don't want one to suffer at the cost of another. TV pace is fast and TRP-driven mindset is there too. TV you work many hours non-stop but in OTT in a day you shoot limited scenes.”

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