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Akshit Sukhija, aka Chirag, from the Star Plus show Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua, gives us insight about the show, his character, and much more! Deets Inside

Star Plus is famous for delivering intriguing and interesting content to its viewers that makes one go through a plethora of emotions. Star Plus has an amazing lineup of shows that aim to not just entertain but also empower. These include Anupama, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Udne Ki Aasha, Maati Se Bandhi Dor, Jhanak, and Yeh Hai Chahatein, which focus on family drama and romance and have been well accepted by the viewers.

Continuing the spree, Star Plus has ventured into unexplored territory with its new show, Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua, starring Aditi Tripathi (Deepika) and Akshit Sukhija (Chirag) in lead roles. Set against the backdrop of Rajasthan, Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua is a tale of Deepika and Chirag and what unfolds in the lives of Deepika and Chirag, who fall in love. But will their love story be accepted by society and family?

The makers had dropped an intriguing first glimpse of the Star Plus show Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua, where Aditi Tripathi (Deepika) was introduced along with Akshit Sukhija (Chirag) and Urvashi Pardeshi (Jhanvi). The promo showcased the struggles and hardships Deepika faces in her house, where she is ill-treated by her stepmother and stepsister. It is during this time that Chirag encounters Deepika at a blood donation camp and is impressed by her generosity and kindness. It is later that Chirag's family proposes marriage for Jhanvi (Deepika's sister), and Chirag chooses Deepika over Jhanvi, which does not go well with both families. It will be interesting to witness how the story unfolds and what happens next in Deepika and Chirag's lives. Can fairytales happen when there is no social acceptance?

Akshit Sukhija will be seen essaying the character of Chirag, who is a doctor. With the show Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua, the audience will witness a fresh and new pairing of Aditi Tripathi and Akshit Sukhija, and it will indeed be a visual treat for the audience. Ever since the show Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua was announced, the viewers have been eagerly anticipating the show.

Akshit Sukhija, aka Chirag, from the Star Plus show Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua, shares, "The show Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua will depict the tale of two individuals, Deepika and Chirag, who hail from different backgrounds, but their opinions and aspects of how they view life are similar. It will be interesting how the love story of Deepika and Chirag unfolds in the show. The show will depict different flavours in terms of cast, screenplay, and emotions. My character Chirag is dedicated to his work. I am enjoying portraying the character of Chirag; it is an intriguing one. Brace yourselves to witness the journey and love tale of Deepika and Chirag in the show Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua, and keep showering your love!"

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