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Akshay Kumar Embraces Devotional Avatar in Upcoming Song 'Shambhu'

Akshay Kumar is set to captivate audiences with a soul-stirring music video titled 'Shambhu,' slated for release on February 5th, 2024. The actor revealed the poster today, showcasing his transformation into a devoted Shiv Bhakt, radiating genuine reverence for Lord Shiva.

Dressed in traditional attire, Akshay Kumar embraces the essence of a Shiv Bhakt in this unseen avatar with a sacred Tripundra tilak, symbolic tattoos, and a portrayal reflecting deep devotion. The poster captures the divine aura with long locks, Rudraksha beads, a nose ring, and a Trishul in hand – a significant symbol in Shiva worship.

'Shambhu' promises a melodious journey into spirituality, guided by Akshay's devotional avatar. The music video's release on February 5th is eagerly anticipated by fans, marking Akshay Kumar's first project of the year.

‘Shambhu’ is sung by Akshay Kumar, Sudhir Yaduvanshi, and Vikram Montrose. The lyrics, penned by Abhinav Shekhar, complement the music composed by Vikram Montrose. The song is set to release on the Times Music YouTube Channel on 5th February.

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