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After leaving Instagram, Kajol storms towards her car while ignoring paparazzi; Netizens trolled her saying, “Kuch nhi hua bss Vimal ka packet nhi mil rha Ajay sir ka”

Kajol's Instagram announcement of her dismissal has brought her to the attention of the media. On Friday, the enduring actress posted on Instagram that she was leaving social media, writing, "Facing one of the toughest trials of my life." Later that day, Kajol was seen in Bandra, but she didn't look like herself. 

The actress, who is renowned for her vivacious, upbeat, and enthusiastic demeanour, appeared a little on edge as she was seen in Bandra on Friday. As the paparazzi attempted to take photographs of her, the Dilwale actress seemed enraged and raced towards her car.

Fans have been curious about what caused Kajol to ignore photographers after seeing a video of her doing so go viral. Reacting to the video, one fan wrote, “Let's all pray that everything is fine. She may take a break from social media, but papps can sleep outside her house and keep reporting to us that she's doing fine”

But not everyone appeared to be sympathetic towards her. Some even lynched her when they had the chance, as one wrote, “Kuch nhi hua bss Vimal ka packet nhi mil rha Ajay sir ka”.

Another person said that the entire episode was scripted and that it was all done for publicity purposes since she was playing an advocate; as a result, she included the word "TRIAL" in her post. The comment read: “Yes it’s a promotion for her next MOVIE where she plays an advocate hence she used the term “TRIAL” in her post. Please stop buying into everything we know if it was a real personal issue she would never post so fast on social media .”

Kajol kept her appearance understated for the excursion by donning sunglasses, a blue kurta, and trousers. 

Kajol will appear in the Indian adaption of The Good Wife, which is her professional debut. The Good Wife's American adaptation debuted in 2009 and ran for seven seasons. The drama centred on Alicia Florrick, a woman who must continue her legal career while supporting her political husband when he is charged with sexual misbehaviour. 

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