Saturday, April, 01,2023

After being called as television's Hritik Roshan, Gautam Singh Vig is referred as the lone wolf and here's the reason why

In the recent episode,  Gautam Singh Vig was chatting with his fellow contestant Nimrit. This was when Priyanka came in between and started yelling. Earlier in the episode, there was a huge fight between Tina Dutta and Manya Singh over the kitchen duty. Captain Nimrit tried to sort out the differences and asked Manya to do the work. However, later when Priyanka learnt about the whole matter,  she charged at Nimrit and questioned her in an aggressive manner.

This did not go down well with Nimrit. Gautam Singh Vig being a good friend and moreover a fair contestant in the show  questioned Priyanka and engaged in a heated argument.  Gautam 's point was very clear, he was agitated when Priyanka was digging in a topic that was already sorted and ended peacefully. 

Gautam Singh Vig has been called out by many for picking up random fights but a section of the viewers also are loving how he has been there being true and vocal to different situations. With his knack of questioning and standing up against the wrong,  Gautam Singh Vig has also been referred now as the Lone Wolf inside the house.

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