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Adah Sharma gets emotional after meeting the real-life victims of The Kerala Story

Adah Sharma, a Bollywood performer, has been in the news frequently since 'The Kerala Story' opened in cinemas. The actress has received accolades for her depiction of Shalini Unnikrishnan/Fatima Ba in the movie, despite the fact that it is mired in controversy. Adah, who has been advertising the movie on many platforms, recently went to a gathering in Mumbai where she got to know the actual 'The Kerala Story' victims. After meeting them, the actress became upset and was spotted crying.

Adah is seen on the stage in a video posted on a paparazzo's Instagram account when one of the victims approached her and gave the actress a hug. The women and Adah hugged one other affectionately as they engaged in discussion. As Adah converses with the victims, one can see tears in her eyes. Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Rediffmail, Adah Sharma spoke about ‘The Kerala Story’ and asserted it’s not just a film, it’s a movement.’

She was quoted saying, “I meet young girls who find The Kerala Story cool. I bump into young boys who have seen the film four-five times already and are rattling off the dialogues, outlining specific scenes. The Kerala Story is no longer just another film, it’s become a movement.”

Adah also talked about meeting and interacting with girls who lived the horror that people watched in the film. “I did meet some very brave girls who are giving interviews about their ordeal. Of course, not the girl I play in the film because Shalini is still in jail in Afghanistan. I thought the testimonial in Malayalam, of the mother whose daughter had hanged herself, was really touching at the end of the film,” she further said.

In related news, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idnani are all featured in Sudipto Sen's film The Kerala Story. The movie, which debuted on May 5, told the tale of a group of Keralan women who were coerced into becoming Muslims and joining the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The movie is performing incredibly well at the box office, where it has amassed a staggering Rs. 165 crores.

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