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Adah Sharma breaks her silence on 'The Kerala Story' being called a propaganda film

'The Kerala Story', a new movie by Adah Sharma, has stirred up debate, with several political leaders calling for its prohibition. The film directed by Sudipto Sen, which tells the tale of a group of Keralan women who converted to Islam, was recently outlawed in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Adah, the leading actress in the movie, has now replied to critics who continue to refer to 'The Kerala Story' as propaganda.

Using her Twitter account, the actress urged viewers to look up the terms ISIS and Brides on Google, suggesting that accounts of white females may persuade them that the Indian movie they were seeing was true. Adah Sharma posted a picture of her from the film and tweeted, “And for the few still calling #The KeralaStory a propaganda film, saying these incidents do not exist even after watching testimonials of several Indian victims, my humble request, Google two words ISIS and Brides… maybe an account of white girls narrated to you might make you feel that our Indian movie is real.”

She even expressed her gratitude for all the appreciation that is pouring her way. Sharma wrote, “ Standing ovation in theatres, the honorable PM mentioning our film #TheKeralaStory, critics and the audience applauding my performance, HOUSFULL messages from so many of you, bumper opening! I could never have dreamed of so much. All your dreams for me are coming true #Greatful.”

Meanwhile, ‘The Kerala Story’ which also stars Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idan, continues to grab headlines for controversial reasons. The film received criticism shortly after its trailer was released which claimed that 32,000 girls from Kerala went missing and later joined the terrorist group, ISIS. The state Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee sent a notice to the state secretary asking him to get the film removed from the scenes. She even called the film a “distorted movie” which aims at defaming the southern state.

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