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Adaa Khan: I am an Introvert, I take time to open up

While she is always in the public eye, actress Adaa Khan says that she is not someone who is very instant when it comes to making friends, or being close to someone. The actress says that she loves spending time with her family and close group of friends, but she takes time to get comfortable with someone new.

“I am an introvert. I take time to open up. Travelling and spending time with family and friends and working of course, is what makes me happy. I think you are yourself responsible for your own happiness. I think you should not depend on others for your happiness. You know exactly what you want and I think the best thing to do is just depend on yourself for your own happiness. That is what you need to do and that is what everyone needs to understand,” she says. 

However, you cannot be happy all the time. Mood swings are common, says Adaa, adding, “It's very normal. I think everyone has it and we are human beings and no one is perfect, in a perfect mood every day. Everyone goes through a lot of things and everyone has their own journey. Life is not easy. Everyone has their own days, good days, bad days. So moods also depend on that. I think you should not judge anyone because of one bad day. We are all humans and it is okay.”

The pandemic has changed her, she says. “Yes, to a point, of course, it has. and we have seen a lot in the last three years. It has definitely changed a lot of people, including me. It has definitely made us stronger now that we have dealt with all these things, the anxiety, whatever each one of us felt. We have overcome that and it has made us stronger, I feel. We are definitely more compassionate towards others because, in the last three years, we felt as one because everyone was going through the same thing.” 

Ask her what are the two things that perk up her mood, and she says, “Workout, exercise. It makes me really happy and, of course, when you are working also, you feel nice. Also, if I have the time, I definitely choose to travel.”

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