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Actress Pooja Gor shares what she likes about being part of podcasts

Actress Pooja Gor is a name which is known to all of us, whether it’s her television work, films or the short formats on SIT she has done some great amount of work. Currently Pooja is being heard on a podcast titled I Can’t Hear You on Spotify, produced by MnM Talkies.  Speaking about Pooja’s first audio experience she says, "My first audio experience was on radio. I remember my grandparents used to listen to radio a lot and then my mother and grandmother used to request a change in station. It had a great impact in my life. Infact there was a time in my life when I wanted to become a radio jockey. And I am glad that now I am part of MnM Talkies I Can’t Hear You. Podcasts are an extension to my craft.” 

Speaking about the differences between dubbing and podcasts Pooja shares her point of view, "As an actor we are enacting a scene according to the script with audio and video. And while dubbing you just have to replicate the emotions. Video plays a huge role there. In podcasts you have to do everything with your voice only. I feel with every medium, the challenges are new. You need to learn a new way to adjust to that format. While doing this podcast I have learnt when you breathe between words that also can be an expression. Silence is also a tool in podcasts.” 

Speaking about her association with Mantra (founder of MnM Talkies) Pooja says,”Firstly it’s a great initiative by him, he is a lot of fun. Being a Bengali Mantra is a big foodie and so am I as a Gujarati. He is very passionate sincere artist - whenever you are talking to him you will get involved in the topic - that’s his biggest strength.” In I Can’t Hear You Pooja is playing a character called Dhvani who is an Acoustic Scientist. 

As an actor, voice is probably a big tool and Pooja talks about the two voices that have impacted her life. “Two voices which are very powerful in our industry are Amitabh Bachchan and Amrish Puri. No one can match their voices.” 

Work wise Pooja is looking forward to her next which is Raj & DK’s Netflix series Guns & Gulaabs a comedy crime thriller. “It was a great opportunity for me to associated with Raj & DK. I am eagerly waiting for its release. It’s an entertaining series. Currently, television is in a zone where experimental stuff is not happening. What I am being offered I have already done so I am waiting for something new.”

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