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Actor Tunisha Sharma's Mother Alleges Sheezan Khan "Cheated, Used Her" , send’s out a video message

TV actor Tunisha Sharma was "cheated and used" by her co-star Sheezan Khan, her mother has alleged days after the 20-year-old was found dead on the set of a show she was shooting for. Tunisha’s mother Vanita blamed her daughter’s co-star Sheezan Mohammed Khan for abetment of suicide. He has been taken into custody and will be kept till December 28. The officials are currently trying to retrieve calls and chats between the late actress and Khan as a part of their investigations.

Tunisha Sharma was found hanging in a makeup room on December 24. Post her death, the actress's mother shared details about her anxiety attacks and revealed what doctors had advised the family. Further investigations and Tunsiha’s mother revealed that the star had an anxiety attack & was admitted to the hospital about 10 days ago. When she was discharged, her mother recalled that doctors had strictly advised the family members to take good care of the star and not let her take any sort of stress. The police officials are still in a dilemma about understanding what happened between the late actress and her co-star in the makeup room that led Tunsiha to take such a bold step.


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In a video message, Tunisha's mother Vanita alleged that Sheezan had promised to marry the 20-year-old actor, but then broke up with her. "Despite being involved with another woman, he continued a relationship with Tunisha. He used her for three-four months. I just want to say that Sheezan should be punished, he should not be spared. I have lost my child," a distraught Vanita said. She also thanked the media for its support.

The young actor's death has triggered allegations of so-called "love jihad", but police have said the probe so far does not point to any such angle.



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