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Actor Ravie Dubey shares his emotions towards his fans and thanks them for their unconditional love and support

Actor Ravie Dubey is someone who has got immense love and support from his fans. Right from his first show till date when he is filming for Farradday, fans have been his greatest source of strength. But many times we have seen fans do things which can disturb their favourite celebrities. Speaking on that to a leading publication Ravie says,”How can you be annoyed with genuine love and genuine intentions? I keep saying that a lot of what is happening in Sargun and my life is because there are our fans who send us positive unconditional wishes. Sometimes, even your friends might not send you such wishes unconditionally. They always have something nice to say about and a good wish to send. So I am never upset when somebody asks for a photograph.” 

The upcoming movie Farradday, starring Ravi Dubey in the lead, is scheduled to release in December 2023. Directed by Ankur Pajni, the story and details of the movie are kept under wraps. For his drastic transformation Ravie has been working very hard and it’s not an easy job for an actor to go through to a physical transformation.

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