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Actor Kangana Ranaut responds to viral kid asking Vamika on date! Says "Massom baccho ko yeh behuda baate na sikhaaye"

The viral sign that a young child held up a few days ago during an IPL game has prompted Kangana Ranaut to respond. A picture of a little boy holding a sign supporting Virat Kohli went viral on social media during the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) match versus MS Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Virat and his actor-wife Anushka Sharma received a unique request from the youngster holding the sign. The placard read, "Hi Virat uncle. Can I take Vamika on a date?" 

Reacting to the viral picture of the kid, Kangana took to Twitter and wrote in Hindi, "Massom baccho ko yeh behuda baate na sikhaaye, issey aap modern ya cool nahi ashlil or ffol lagte ho." (Don't teach these nonsense to innocent children, it makes you look vulgar and foolish, not modern or cool.)

Several fans reacted to Kangana's response in a favorable way and wrote in the comments. A tweet read in Hindi, "Bilkul sahi baat. Ye toh kuch bhi nahi he, aajkal metro sehat mein restaurant bar (jaha daaru bhi milti he) mei log apne baccho ko lekar jaa rahe he. Anko dekhi baat bata raha hu. mein toh dekhkar heiraan reh gaya tha." (Exactly right. This is nothing, nowadays people are taking their children to the restaurant bar (where alcohol is also available) in Metro Sehat. I am telling what I have seen with my eyes. I was surprised to see it.) Another comment read, "True, Kids are very impressionable and exaggerate everything in their minds. Parents unknowingly end up messing up with them with things like this." "Queen is always right," exclaimed another fan.

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