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Actor Ali Merchant travels by train from Hyderabad to Mumbai with wife after 24 years to get their rescued dogs home, faces many challenges travelling in public transport

Ali Merchant, celebrated for his versatility, has made a significant impact across Indian entertainment platforms. Known for his notable roles in television and web series, Ali is now poised for his Bollywood debut in a film produced by Faizuddin Siddiqui, the brother of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. His performances in the web series "Libaas" and the reality show "Lockdown Season 1" have garnered widespread acclaim. In 2023, Ali married model Andleeb Zaidi, and together they have launched a YouTube channel, "JustDilAndAli," where they share their daily lives and their passion for animal welfare.

Ali and Andleeb’s YouTube channel, "JustDilAndAli," provides an intimate look at their everyday experiences, particularly highlighting their shared love for animals. The couple actively rescues and shelters street dogs and cats, giving them a loving home. Their recent vlog detailing the challenges they faced in transporting their rescued pet dogs from Hyderabad to Mumbai via train has particularly resonated with viewers, showcasing their dedication and perseverance.

Ali and Andleeb are dedicated animal lovers, frequently rescuing street dogs and cats and providing them with a safe haven. Their YouTube videos emphasize their rescue efforts, aiming to encourage others to adopt and protect stray animals. This commitment was evident in their recent endeavor to transport their rescued pets from Hyderabad to Mumbai, a journey that was filled with obstacles but ultimately successful.

The journey to bring their pets by train was no small feat for Ali and Andleeb. It marked Ali's first train trip in 24 years, undertaken solely for the sake of their pets. They faced numerous challenges, such as restrictions on dogs in the waiting area and the bureaucratic process of securing travel permissions for their pets. Three days prior to the trip, Andleeb visited the Chief Reservation Officer (CRO) to submit a detailed letter, including all necessary documentation. At the Secunderabad CRO office, she encountered uncooperative staff, which added to the difficulty of their task.

Frustrated by the lack of assistance, Andleeb turned to social media. She detailed their predicament in a lengthy post on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram, and commented on the IRCTC page. Remarkably, within 4-5 hours, she received a response asking for her contact details, followed by an email confirming the resolution of their issue. Andleeb suggested that Indian Railways consider establishing a designated pet section to facilitate easier travel for pet owners. This journey not only highlighted the couple’s determination and the power of social media but also underscored their advocacy for better facilities for pet travel. Ali and Andleeb's story is a testament to their commitment to animal welfare and their ability to overcome challenges for the well-being of their beloved pets.

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