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Will Neeti's manipulative schemes tear apart the bonds between Sanju and Parineet in COLORS’ ‘Parineetii’

In the upcoming week, Neeti's devious schemes to sabotage Sanju and Parineet's relationship climax during the pheras ceremony. Still, her plans are thwarted when Sanju completes the ritual with Parineet despite the chaos. As tensions escalate, Neeti accuses Shelly of misconduct, setting off a chain of events that leaves Parineet enraged and Shelly in a drunken state. With emotions running high, Sanju supports Shelly while Sharda seeks to resolve the situation with Neeti. However, Neeti's actions only fuel her resentment, leading to a confrontation in her room where she demands Shelly's arrest. Meanwhile, Parineet and Sanju are determined to seek justice, unaware of Neeti's sinister laughter as she plots against them. Amidst the turmoil, Shelly threatens Neeti, hinting at deeper motives behind her actions, leaving Parineet to confide in Chandrika about her concerns for Neeti. As chaos unfolds and Shelly attempts to whisk Neeti away, the true extent of Neeti's intentions and the fate of their relationship hang precariously in the balance. Will Neeti's planning tear apart the bond between Sanju and Pari, or will their love prevail against the backdrop of betrayal and suspicion?

Stay tuned to 'Parineetii' airing every Monday to Sunday at 7:30 pm only on COLORS!

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